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The firsts to have an idea for the head ...

Although many operators try to perform the micropigmentation of the scalp, it is right and proper to remember that micropigmentation is a generic discipline! Therefore, be careful not to make the mistake of practicing Hair pigmentation ® with machines, needles and colours typical of the micro-pigmentation, and then of the permanent makeup! It would be risky and the results may be very unnatural.

If today there is an integrated system for performing treatments on the scalp, is because we realized that adapting the techniques and equipment of the permanent makeup on the head, WAS NOT WORKING! It is from this need and demand that Hair pigmentation® comes.

The Hair pigmentation® is a very different thing from a micropigmentation of the scalp!

The Hair pigmentation® system is equipped with:

Hair-dermograph modified by a patented system to reduce the duty-cycle. This means much less risk of creating spots on the skin, and much more likely to write on scars with a particularly sclerotic tissue.

Specific camera body containing a microchip that manages the power of the impulse through an electronic control. It is also full of programs with preset parameters for the treatment on scars and hairline for a work session safer and less risky! There are also DERMATOPPIK and BOUNCE® work programs.

Specific cartridge needles designed specifically for use on the scalp. These needles are totally different from those used in micropigmentation and permanent makeup. 15% thinner and changed to the point. This to prevent the enlargement of the single dot in the shaved effect.

Specific pigments chemically modified to ensure colour stability over time and dramatically reduce the possibility of colour changes to red.
These colours are very different from those of permanent makeup, both for the excipient and the functional principle. Moreover, inside there is a special additive patented by Biotek Medical Laboratories, which greatly improves the stability of the substance in the skin, reducing migration phenomena of colour with consequent widening of the dot, mega-dot. Specific know-how which is the result of an extensive experience of the creators of this system, Ennio Orsini and Toni Belfatto. The specialization course, addressed only to professionals with proven experience, aims at giving a high preparation, as well as technique and culture, concerning the world of hair loss and autotransplantation. The course will address how best to treat scars type FUT or FUE, prosthesis wearers, and individuals with androgenetic, areata or universal alopecia. Finally, the student will be given the forms for the management of treatment of Hair pigmentation in safety. A specific informed consent written by a team of lawyers, doctors and experts.

A project card for the internal management of the treatment, post-treatment memorandum, recommended price lists, etc… The technical operator of Hair pigmentation will be included in the database of the central system and put in touch with the world's most prestigious transplant studies or industry associations, to begin to integrate into working groups that aim to improve the lives of millions of people that deal with imperfections caused by hair loss.

The Hair pigmentation® is the most advanced solution for solving these problems!

See examples of treatments performed on the scalp with improper and adapted systems.

In this discipline you can not just guess, or try it on people''s head! We must play safe and rely on the right people. Today, we are the only ones in the world to have created a system specifically for the treatment of hair loss and scarring. In the future we will still have been the firsts! Choose the experience, technology and security.


Anita Roddick

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